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Recover password by determining the error in time
When comparing the first operation compared to the first byte then second then third , etc. If the first byte of the correct comparison comes second. If detect an error in the KJV: This time it will be easier to just recover any password as soon as possible . If for example you want to recover FTP password to the computer and you are away then this may help you another PC which is closer - you simply ask for help. This same chip can play for recovering passwords such as archives containing proprietary algorithms comparison. But will have to use the simulator to the OS and was completely independent piece of memory. Also this type of control can be used to control matter or even time. That is, it means that the first byte is first compared, and when the first byte of the correct one begins comparing the second byte, but when the wrong answer error arrives a bit earlier, that is, at 255 possible combinations of bytes, the answer to the error with the correct byte will arrive later once when comparing the correct byte, respectively, if I am right - to pick up 8m significant password will be maybe for a plus or minus of 4 seconds. Plus, in the long run, this can give the opportunity to control the entire infosystem and not only - the same is the remote control of nuclear weapons, in the long run the control of mass centers is possible even entire planets. It is not excluded that here one of the main interpenetration laws could be found here to function all over in life.Also, the invention of the same technologogem plus proof is not excluded that everything that is - live or partly lives.

Perpetual motion. Transmission of data. Energy Destruction. CONTROL. The similarity of the course of change.
And how do you promise you can be manipulated as separate osochinami dak and whole cranes and bearers of the condinands - starting from sowing obserzhoshods on the photaphraphy and ending with the added vira6ka forest in the land of the enemy, There are two identical ones, I will add from myself - I see that there are no two identical processes of change, and if we say that two roughly the same change in the same way, then both begin the deviation in accordance with the process of change, which will allow, with the help of these deviations, to transmit data. In the theory of data, you can transmit any distance perfectly accurately, including the heaven if there is one. But, according to some other my own guesses, the principle of nuclear reaction is the same in the same way as black holes, so I advise you to be extremely cautious. Also, this technology would fit as a weapon - control or destruction, and the similarity of size on my consideration in all three variants of application is not an obligatory parameter. It is also possible to transfer energy to a distance and in the case of success, it is possible and pump energy from stars or even black holes. Also I guess if you maintain constantly two identical moves of change, for example, static tunnels for changes, then automatic deviations will create a perpetual motion engine. I think that the common form in this case is of great significance, although it is about, let there be a similar change in similarities, such as the change of energy, shape, size, temperature even. Perhaps in the future, according to this technology will be transmitted data and through time itself. At this moment, it is also possible to use as a military technology, that is, the banal creation of dolls on political figures. add-ons for handwriting if the mudslide in the form of a prefix, as long as the external interior can not be seen as the most distant, but the minus and the eighth largest in the house are transferred to the home due to the transfer of the dacia from the other branch of the company, it is instantly ready and created from the other side - the prosecutor is on a cvedovom scale or on the basis of the insidink, let me call the element of the blade stood up stunning Yesli mudid dedecy okloneniya can create a procedure for otdelki energii i izdokovuyu but warns - edo 6uddes most 6olshsya almost everywhere in the life of humanshadda - in deoria okloneniya from the very se6ja-okikda-proizvodyad energy - iededsya indi dvdlyu ssli supportzhidad zazhidyu sand orli the other but I advise sand gg Sometimes the sugar and sugar dac, as in another deoria of the first GMO, were chewed to the first GMO and sugar was consumed - there was an injection into the 6th yoke of sugar in the range of sugar and all of which was first dried, but the only thing was the deorya - the energy of the compression of the sand. Odu was eating up to six in space - no matter what the moon is, no other planet - in the deoria, the energy of the young daughters is echoed - why in space - in the worms - in the cold - and in the bruises - dak is more safe, one-seat Egyptian effect - most likely radiation plus an experiment with intruder podaniyam - spinning in the nile by the floor - unlikely - but perhaps it was possible to use even the mirrors - most likely osadanivlios itself Hypnosis hypnosis - it is possible to use 6ezolepelennogo dunalirovaniya for prizkennenii, but in the deoria for the food you need to create a chdob-on a podoo duckling voodoo with the changes in the daughter of a dodo on the 7ele prich as a tsvedovym dak and deptemadernym and dak further - and yes, the food is not already uncleaned and proizvodsdvo a prohodno transfer of podentsialov prich in the future ro6odizirovanyh - and then lack of window - deoredicheskie edo can shifranud under the phography, but - drounie - all the same food is only deoria, Plus, small variants of manipulation by the power of imagination - it is possible to create an illusory image, to imagine how it changes and the desired object (target) will vary according to the deviations that. to the opposite, you can also try to read thoughts, for example, imagining that you need a person and change (there is something to do or somehow so) If it is appropriate to mow the whole picture with consecrated water, there may be obsession. In the same way, you can manipulate, for example, the attachment of a country or countries to one or another groups of goods, for example, to impose love for cabbage to Americans. Therefore, for example, the magic voodoo works, etc. In theory, you can manage almost anything you can imagine - that is, even with the weather, or if I'm tempering, it will probably be enough just to create an image where the temperature rises in China and it starts to fall there.

Making ice cream with nothingness
Here, see for example if we create emptiness and expedite the process of assimilation is possible and it would be a steer. That is to explore clicking creation process is accelerated version. Or say look - If God is come from nothing, we could play this way and nothing to send him an SMS or a little ment to try pokomanduvaty .. Here ... If seriosly this can provide possibility of makeing our config of existing and much more. I have noted that what we certainly know nothingness has the ability to change, and to understand the nature of absolute nothingness should popasty the edge of the action of all the laws, even a little funny.

Time Machine
This glory is unrealistic but I think clicking understand the full and relative interactions will work , that is to go on a past affects the future , perhaps as well as the future of the past. Approximately how things are mutually attracted or " repel " , m , then, for the correct formation of the last object will have at least three object if the future is the impact on the matter. Also, the energy and the potential I think you can make maps of what occurred for certain areas. I think playing the original notbe optribne but merely energy code should be reformed in the direction of probably the most successful vperid.Tut will indicate actual kinetic energy . Reversuyuchy code we obtain reverse . For kinetic add - if it goes transmission temperature difference. Beside if this possible maybe the future has command access to the past ?. Investigated the mutual influence of the past and future of the past for the future will be able to explore the time dependence and create their own universes and even their own time loop.

Antivirus for Medical
Almost every living organism works on heat transfer - a kind of language electricity, so you can calculate grows as talks virus and lead him to the disappearance or clicking immensely yields to schizophrenia.

War a new generation
Why not say to open a plant producing gas grenades with a mixture of Viagra and laxatives.

Model business
Or there found a genetic lab and cross model and forty-legs bug and sell thier service to model-giants for showing shoes.

Gravity Control
How to control gravity - about the mechanism is - in the data stream that transmits a particle , such as an atom, is flow data which are responsible for length, type hello And I , I'm here , hello i would i am here and say clicking explore this feed it will be possible to fabricate a distance. That is transport, will not be attracted with such force as before , we will significantly save fuel and travels around the galaxy become real ... But anyway this mechanism provides remote at " objects . While clicking shoot like one atom and fabricate its weight would be possible to use this mechanism for travel in a vacuum. But we of visible light is also subject to gravity, so I would recommend thoroughly explore the intersection of varieties of items. For example start with a 2-story atoms.

Creation of oblivion - way 2
You have seen how sometimes you raging imagination, you can see a dream - but it is nothing like making a copy of nothingness, clicking povyazanosti use principle, combat and interaction would be possible to reach that matched the power of thought to create a whole galaxy.

Transfer data , gravity
Then We see how Asterida black holes suck light, ie the interaction force of gravity is much stronger than the light on, If we say will create two object , which operate on the same frequency and speed seems to be much higher , the problem is how to filter out signals , and say clicking substance use who among themselves have unique traces of interaction , as such a positive and a positive charge is repelled or vplot before one would create a minimum of computer model particular region and on a completely - relative interactions create a map of the region. I think a little time and this technology lies in the creation of maps much " bigger " objects . Or, like fiber , two fibers are close in theory zahyshayut still be one on one , you can use this technology to transfer data of the second order , such as where for large video files across the border or the continent , many of polymorphic dynamic rendering algorithms that practically prevent transmission of hidden information on a large scale . Subsequently, for data transmission in perfect scale alien may try to use the principle of the two objects only son absolutely not can coexist.

Universe basic laws
Any existing configuration is not more than the result of the interaction of various objects that the theory of similarity outward things are equal, all we saw  due to the varying distance of objects and their positioning in relation to each other. When the object of, I mean the smallest particle. But on the other  parties if they were all completely identical to all standing in place ... So ... lets make conclusion that there is a kind of particle that time forming element changes as well as each particle its own special laws interact with the universe, a kind of map of all existence. That is, each particle This is the result of a whole which is a cooperation of several similar particles can be viewed as the interaction of several almost equally universe. Particles of God I would call a piece that practically does not interact as other permissible in early life mutual laws did not need a whole ... except perhaps internal again ... and have a lot of questions ...If the particles do exist, I am inclined to think that what we call a part is no longer than a certain portion of the universe that interacts with the rest of the objects in his laws are also variable, that is learning "more or less" piece we just focused   an even smaller particle of the universe, but the paradox of substances not exists for any part of the world is closely   from the station can safely be called the station and that strange prejudice that part we are damaging the station. Or if I say all of our plane being closed into a ball but rather on its surface ... even don `t know how to explain it is to imagine ... I'll try explain simple words - clicking to fly in one direction perfectly straight vector we again opynymsya on earth.

Improvement of absolute
Imagine that everything around is absolute in the process of formation (improvement) and we are small mini-abs, a kind of mini-calculators with the gift of creation from nothing (that's me on the idea) ... And thus cometh into the world, and counts, and count ... So the formula defined refractive index of gravitational waves was map of All gravitation, he died and then grow and absolute will of juzat - and sho ... highly doubt the idea of ​​patents it will be enjoyed ...

The theory of similarity transformation
So here, as we know, at identical frequencies may transmit information, and now imagine that we are a part of the mind (which is in its glory as we there is a mechanism that prevents duplication, well ... to a certain extent) ... and clicking really well, and the prohibition of similarity Meanwhile we can travel far away, destroy sperm competitor, transmit information instantly to ... even that create arbitrary combinations of energy similarities and similarities in the law of transformation of places to play cards ... well ... places in general ... any ...And I think the solution lies in the similarity towards change and its simultaneous.

What if God did
Imagine appears out of nothingness, one version of creation, second, gradually growing desire absolute ideal, beauty is but the Tip-Top here comes the realization that nothingness to him was an absolute ideal of a gun and he who sows Asterida makes disfunction of infinity. but   its nature begins to struggle with this mechanism and both stations seeking to take control of each other at all levels(if be sure i think,   asterids sectional dysfunction distorts any attempt to recover) and it is cut   in all areas and our lives.

Psychology - conflict
And if you reduce the whole psychology of the concept of conflict internal principles (ideals) and by nadavannya their logical content settle internal conflicts within the mind of man that absorb precious mind. Ideally pure conflict-free mind will bring good fruits as his body and all mankind. I suspect that the instability in the mental state brought as factors such as poor diet (fried \ cooked \ artificially grown, GMO modified, and so on), the technical component such as a light at night, sleeping under a closed heaven violation pheromone component of such things as cute and so further.

It is difficult to imagine how an object may be limited to the non-existence, let alone a three-dimensional object that undergoes characteristic. Inclined to think that this was the object of absolute nothingness and infinity at all ceased to exist as such for quite passed into eternity. In case take basic math then the existence of a common mind is close to 1, these, as in the case of infinity is equal to 1, and its absence is approximately equal to 0. Having a derivative of nothingness logically admit that hath power over non-being and the ability to modify itself as anything and create anything. But the chances that thinks the same way as we or even like very small. I see partiality as a result of artificial laws or result of their own modifications. I see it like this - it is associated to infinity in such a way or another and the formation of some laws provokes the formation of other elements vzamodiya by one law creates other laws, after the termination of interaction logically admit that temporary laws cease to exist.

Perfect destroing
No two identical, and if the third (eg atom sees rain) sees that there are two only son or repetitive moves it changes the law on similarity registered in the immensity of that but not the size, destroys the similarity ... Second - from bombs emptiness (nothingness) will cause a shift in a given direction such matter. Also on the principle of such thinking can transmit data. But be careful - do not destroy half of the world at that =).

Absolute acceleration
One change in eight (infinity) affects all of the following (a kind of degree) next eight on the third, the third to the fourth quarter and in the first instance.

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